Kandilarov, Evgeniy
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology. Japanese Studies Department

Bulgarian state archives: source of studying modern Japanese history

The paper aims to reveal to what extend and in which directions Bulgarian state archives could be used as a reliable source of studying different aspects of the Modern Japanese history. 

The very first archival documents related to Japan and modern Japanese development dates over a hundred years ago and is related to the very beginning of the establishment of the Modern Bulgarian State after the liberation from the Ottoman Empire which coincides with the Meiji period in Japan. Though different archival sources in Bulgarian archives we can take a look into the diplomatic and military activities of Japan from that time and to analyze its relations with the Great powers as well as the specific interest of the Japanese government to the so called Eastern question on the Balkans representing a complex of political interests of both the newly established Balkan states and the Great Powers competing for a greater influence in this region. Two main aspects of the Japanese modern history from that time can be explored through Bulgarian archives. The first one is related to the wars that Japan fights against China and after that against Russian Empire. The other issue is related to the rapid Japanese economic and industrial development which impresses Bulgarians to a great extent. 

Later within the first half of the XX th century and especially due to the fact that Bulgaria and Japan became allies within the Tripartite pact there are a lot of documents giving a chance to explore a different aspects of the Japanese political, economic and military development during the WWII. 

The most fully documentary covered period of the Modern Japanese history in the Bulgarian archives is the Cold War era. There are a number of diplomatic, political and economic documents giving an opportunity to be traced a great variety of topics such as Japanese international relations, internal political development as well as the specifics of the economic and technological development of Japan during that time.

ブルガリア国立公文書館: 近現代日本史研究 の情報資源です


日本と近代日本の開発に関する最初の文書は、百年以上前のものです。 オスマン帝国からの解放後、現代ブルガリア国家が成立した時です。 これは、日本の明治時代と同時代に関係している。


ブルガリアの国立公文書館の中の近代日本史の最も完全にドキュメンタリーでカバーされた期間は冷戦時代です。 その間の日本の国際関係、国内の政治的発展、そして日本の経済的・技術的発展の詳細など、多種多様なトピックをたどる機会を与える外交的、政治的、経済的文書が数多くあります。