Tsutsumi, Tomoaki
University of Tsukuba. Assistant Professor
coauthored by Tajima Kōji (National Institute of Technology, Gifu College) and Takada Tomokazu (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)

Design and implementation of wokototen database and search system

In this paper, we report about prototype of database and search system of wokototenzu. Wokototen is a gloss when reading the Chinese classics to understand the reader's mother tongue. The one which gathered this wokototen in one every used documents and school is called wokototenzu. The purpose of this research is to prepare an environmental for kunten researcher to be processing and data are shared on the computer.

Wokototenzu is made by decoders when they deciphering material. Therefore, there is a difference between each wokototenzu that is made from identical kunten materials. Furthermore, there is a possibility that a wokototenzu is different even if the text in Chinese classics document is the same but the written age is different. Because a wokototen are depending on when appended and schools of wokototen editor. So we make a computerized database that related wokototenzu to information on kunten material. This database includes wokototenzu which is generally learned about and wokototenzu which a researcher analyzed and made from kunten material. The search system that we have developed was implemented a web application and currently available.