Hata, Yuki
Nagoya University. Graduate School of Humanities. Researcher
Fuse, Rie
University of Helsinki. University instructor

Possibilities and challenges of interdisciplinary utilization of resources of Japanese studies: the case of the kuzushiji seminar at the University of Helsinki offered by the Nagoya University

Interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration is currently focused on in the academic fields related to diversity and mobility in education and research. Interdisciplinary collaboration creates potential learning resources. It also, possibly, entails difficulties that affect interactions across diverse disciplines. This paper presents a case of interdisciplinary seminar planning work between different disciplines of Japanese studies, premodern Japanese studies and Japanese language education. The case is the kuzushiji seminar offered by the Nagoya University (NU), which is conducted at the University of Helsinki (UH) in autumn 2019.

The study track of Japanese language at the UN has several constraints including limited staff and resources since the university is basically free for students and supported by the tax-based resources. The kuzushiji seminar by the NU offers a solution to the above problems of the UH. The seminar provides UH students and staff opportunities to develop the skills needed to contribute to Japanese studies in the future—for example, basic knowledge for reading manuscripts and printed books of the Muromachi or Edo period. Furthermore, the seminar intends to build a network between researchers in Finland and Japan.

The seminar is supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science’s Programme for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of Talented Researchers. Yuki Hata from the NU and Rie Fuse from the UH are the planners of the seminar. This event is also organised to involve lectures at the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen.

This study aims to demonstrate the process and practices of the joint work to create new possibilities for interdisciplinary dialogue across disciplines. It also presents challenges that affect the interdisciplinary seminar planning work.

日本学資料の学際的利用の可能性と課題: 名古屋大学によるヘルシンキ大学くずし字セミナー