Machi Senjuro
Nishogakusha University. Professor

A study on the Chinese books of Léon de Rosny’s antique collection

The author visited the Lille City Library to research on Japanese and Chinese classics. These books were part of the collection found in storage belonging to Léon-Louis-Lucien Prunol de Rosny (1837-1914), professor of the first Japanese language course in France. Rosny is known as a pioneer of Japanese Studies in Europe, though his efforts are not fully appreciated in modern day. 

Prof. Peter Kornicki published the catalog of Japanese Classics of  Léon de Rosny’s collection (1994); as the collection gained some renown it became clear that Rosny's Japanese book collection and the Japanese teaching materials compiled by  Léon de Rosny are closely related.

In addition to the Japanese books, Rosny’s collection included over 500 Chinese books, gifted to him by his teacher Stanislas Julien (1797-1873). Furthermore, it is believed that some books from Julien's teacher, Jean-Pierre Abel-Rémusat (1788-1832), are also included, and should be valued as part of academic history. However, the catalog of Chinese books has not been published, and has not yet not been widely recognized.

The Chinese books that Rosny inherited from Stanislas Julien included books from the four categories: classics, history, philosophy, and literature. On top of that, since there are a number of relatively popular writings featuring both headnotes and footnotes, it could be said that the use of these books for both language and Chinese character acquisition as a whole is strong.

Furthermore, the fact that there are no copies of some of these books which exist in Japan, and a number of rare books which were not widely distributed may reflect the difference between the distribution route of Chinese culture to Japan and to Europe during the 19th century.




ロニーの旧蔵書には、上記の日本図書の他に、その師に当たるスタニスラス・ジュリアン (1797~1873)から遺贈された約500点を数える中国古典籍が含まれている。その中にはジュリアンの師のジャン・ピエール・アベル・レミュザ (1788~1832)から継承されたと目される書籍も含まれ、学術史上、貴重視すべきである。だが、その中国古典籍の目録は刊行されておらず、広く知られていない。