Webinar: Information Sources for Japanese Studies

The National Diet Library Japan would like to announce
"Webinar: Information Sources for Japanese Studies" to be held in February 2023.
For details, see [ https://www.ndl.go.jp/en/library/training_jsl.html ]

This webinar is intended for librarians, researchers, and other people outside of Japan who are engaged in Japanese studies.
The goal of this webinar is to teach and improve basic skills for finding and using information related to research in Japanese studies.

Renewal of the National Diet Library Digital Collections

The National Diet Library has renewed the National Diet Library Digital Collections on December 21, 2022.
The renewal will improve the content viewer and increase the number of digitized materials that can be full-text searched.
Please take advantage of the new National Diet Library Digital Collections.

NDL: Survey, Tadao Ando, Books on Japan in foreign languages, Periodical index

Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the National Diet Library (NDL), Japan.

(1) NDL User Satisfaction Survey of FY2022
From May 6 to October 31, 2022, we are now conducting a user satisfaction survey of FY2022. Your ideas and opinions are important to our library and will help us provide you with the best library services possible. 

URL of the user satisfaction survey of FY2022

Libraries and UN SDGs: video

Dear Colleagues,

The National Diet Library recently held a webinar entitled Libraries and UN SDGs: IFLA supporting the libraries to achieve the SDGs, in which IFLA President Barbara Lison talked about the IFLA's strategy, examples of initiatives taken by libraries in some countries, and international cooperation from the perspective of achieving the SDGs.

A video of the webinar is now available on the NDL’s YouTube channel.


17th Forum on the Collaborative Reference Database Project

The 17th Forum on the Collaborative Reference Database Project

The Collaborative Reference Database (CRD) is a tool for providing reference services at the National Diet Library, Japan (NDL), that is currently being developed in collaboration with libraries throughout Japan. At present, the database comprises about 150,000 questions that were submitted to reference librarians throughout Japan and which, together with their answers, are available to be browsed by the general public.